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Dissertation Writing

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 20, 2018 16:34

The dissertation offers you an excellent opportunity to have an in-depth knowledge about a particular topic of interest or practice. There are different types of dissertation,
1. RESEARCH BASED. Usually you carry out a research about a particular or given topic and have a dissertation out of it.
2. AUDIT OR REVIEW. Written based on a detailed piece of literature with a view of developing a new idea or policy.
Each dissertation follows a typical structure having,
•    A topic
•    Abstract
•    Introduction
•    Literature review
•    Methodology
•    Results
•    Findings
•    Conclusions
Each section has specific requirements with a stance to ensure you create a deep understanding of the topic.
Brings out the essence of writing the dissertation. The main reasons of conducting the research along with the methods and findings.
Give out the contents of your research and a brief overview of each chapter relevant to the topic of discussion.
Selective analysis of the existing research relating to the primary subject of discussion. A summary of the most relevant points during research.
Outline the procedures used in obtaining data giving reasons for selecting a particular methodology. In research dissertation, it is usually either qualitative or quantitative. In review dissertation, the methodology involves a case study of each method used and citing reasons for the method.
Usually a summary of your results highlighting key points and unusual findings. Graphs and charts may be used to have a clear and transparent message.

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