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Effective Communication

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 20, 2018 17:13

In one way or another, we have encountered instances where we say one thing and the other person misinterpret the information hence results to a misunderstanding. Sometimes frustration and conflicts ensue leaving all parties disappointed.
So, what is effective information? Communication is more than just exchanging a few words and information. It is about understanding the meaning, motive, and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is how you convey a message that is being understood and interpreted exactly the way you intend. Effective communication is not only about exchanging information but also about the nonverbal skills that comes with it, attentive listening, and understanding the emotions of those you are communicating to.
LACK OF FOCUS: To achieve effective communication, you need to pay attention to the conversation and show interest that you are listening. Lack of focus might result to you losing some nonverbal communications hence missing some information in the conversation.
NEGATIVE BODY LANGUAGE: If you do not like what is being said, you may use negative body language to rebuff the subject. You don’t need to agree with everything but to have effective communication; you need to avoid sending negatives signals.
MODE OF COMMUNICATION: Choosing a means of communication will determine the effectiveness of your communication. Select the best communication channel that is easy and in effect to your message.
To improve your communication skills, there are a variety of thing you can do. Some of which are;
Be a good listener. Show that you are listening and paying attention. You can achieve this by nodding and contributing during a conversation.
Pay attention to nonverbal skills. Every communication must involve nonverbal cues. Pay to these cues and have a positive nonverbal communication.
Proper means of communication. Select the best platform to deliver your message. The more engaging the platform is the best way your information will be received.
Assert yourself. Being assertive means expressing your thoughts, feelings and needs in a more open and honest way.

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