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Essentials of a Research Paper

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 17:59

A well-organized research paper should always begin with a brief idea of what the research is all about. The brief idea is also called the central theme (Ruane). It is important that the central theme spells out to whom it is addressed so that the target audience find their suitability.

Description of research paper

The central theme is closely followed by a detailed description of the research. In the descriptions, each idea should be tackled separately in a different paragraph. The contents and ideas of the subsequent paragraphs must express flow and uniformity. In general, the paper must reveal a harmonious blend with each concept being expressed in the research topic. A summary of the whole idea of the research theme should be covered and bring out a natural flow in a lucid manner from the beginning to the end of the research paper.

In every description, the research paper should bring out various ideas and concepts in addition these ideas can be supported with illustrations to aid the understanding of the audience on what the idea represents (Hair and Joseph). Logical explanations are also crucial in forming discussions but these discussions must be comprehensive enough for the reader to relate and understand the center of the argument. Adequate explanations and argument will give less chance to ambiguity and unnecessary argument.

Formulating Concepts of research paper

In creating and formulating concepts, the author of the research paper must anticipate different types of questions that may be aroused in the mind of the reader. This will assist them to answer and address any emerging concerns within the paper as the reader continues to seek clarification and understanding. The reader will not only get their answers, the paper will also be complete. In anticipating the reader’s search for clarity, the researcher will envisage all the possible questions that may arise in the reader's mind.

A research paper would never have to mean without the actual research process. Methodology, data collection, analysis, and presentation have to be original and well executed. The research process must be systematic and organized with well-kept records of the findings and analysis. It will make the work of the author easier with everything at their reach. The author must place emphasis on making logical reasoning in the research paper (Hair and Joseph). The arguments, however, must align with the findings which require clarity while the sources must be up-to-date. The author should try to substantiate the research results using several techniques; illustrations, graphs, tables, quotations, or words of emphasis. Any additional supporting evidence may be included to support the findings.

Conclusion in the research paper

Finally, the paper must have a conclusion. This is a summary of the results and major findings of the research process. The conclusion is only limited to the contents discussed in the paper and only a brief remark from the author may be added as a recommendation, observation or point of emphasis. After the conclusion is the bibliography. Bibliography presents all the sources and references, made of the paper. It is mandatory that the author cites all the sources of information to promote credibility and discipline.

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