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How to prepare to write a research paper

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 18:11

There are essentially 3 steps:

  • A research paper writer needs to prepare adequately before sitting down to write the paper itself. The process of preparing to write a paper involves various things that are vital to the success of the paper. To begin with, the writer needs to make a schedule of the writing process. The researcher needs to draft a schedule and identify deadlines on their personal calendar. This will enable them to allocate enough time to research, to organize as well as to come with a detailed paper. It is important to set the dates through working backward from the due date of the research paper (Ardehali, 1231-1234).


  • Secondly, the writer needs to identify as well as acquire the various resources that will be needed during the research paper writing. Furthermore, the writer should identify and make all the necessary information that would be used in the paper accessible. The information, as well as the resources that are to be used in the research paper are supposed to be organized in a way that is clear on which resource or information is relevant to the subject of study (Ardehali 1231-1234).


  • Lastly, the research paper writer needs to analyze the assignment carefully to establish what is specifically required in the instructions. At this point of preparation, the writer needs to identify the subject areas, key terms topics as well as issues which can help in developing a satisfactory research problem. Finally, the writer should create a proper outline for the research paper. The research paper  or essay outline provides a summary of the key topics and subtopics that are to be discussed in the paper.


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