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How to Study, Work and still pass

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 17:53

How to Study, Work and still pass

At dopeessays, we believe that work and studies can be quite difficult to handle without a clear study plan. Keeping one’s job and studying at the same time requires more sacrifice compared to regular full-time students. Research has proven, however, that thousands of students find the multitasking manageable and less complicated (Johnson, 2000). There are several strategies to consider if one wants to study, keep a job and still pass

Have a clear priority of daily tasks and observe time management. Being organized will ensure that every crucial activity is done and all deadlines are. The student will not lose time to tasks that are less important and can monitor the achievement of all scheduled tasks. We have a philosophy here at dopeessays that roots for discipline as the core for not only academic, but success in life generally.

Ensure prior planning always to stay ahead of events. Proper time management is achieved through prior planning. It means that a student has to make a daily, weekly or monthly study plan according to the academic activities. This way, the student can keep tabs on what is to be covered, details of course topics and assignments which is half way through success.

Taking a break occasionally is important. Drained and worn out never delivers good results. A student must therefore learn to take a break from work or school. It is important to relax and take the mind off pressure and anxiety. It is not just rejuvenating but will also have a positive effect on a student’s daily routine both at school and at work. At dopeessays we strongly advice that you take time off.

Learning to separate studies form work and make the two complement each other. A schedule will help in drawing a line between study time and work time so that non of the two is neglected. It will also ensure that the student gets adequate time to cover work and meet expectations.

Balancing studying and working therefore require a committed level of discipline and focus. Elements of success in work and studies include time management, study planning, prioritizing and occasional breaks. It is possible to study, work and acquire successful grades.

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