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How to Write a Book Review

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 19:11


A book review is a description or an evaluation of a book. It should purposely attribute to the book’s content and purpose. Before you could proceed to read the book, you should read the title and ensure you understand what it says. Read the preface as this provides the authors purpose of writing the book and the success of the work. Look at the table of contents and know the author’s main ideas and how they are developed.


Go through the entire text carefully and look at the book at your point of view. What is the author’s style and does it suit the intended audience? Remember to jot down these as you continue to go through the book.

Check if the concepts are clearly defined. How well has the author developed his ideas and what area has the author covered or not covered.

Look for other sources of information that will help you determine if the information in the book is true or is it just a work of fiction. Make notes of elements such as the character, plot, and setting if they relate to the theme of the book.

Finally, what has the book accomplished or is further work still needed. Compare the book to others by this author or by others.


Review your notes and come up with a sentence or phrase that will describe the purpose or the thesis of your review. Outline your arguments that support your thesis in a logical manner.


Following your outline as a guide and the notes you wrote begin writing. In your book review include the following; preliminary information, this includes the full bibliographical information for the work. Also, have an introduction that includes your central thesis. Have a body for your review. This is the development of your thesis using arguments and facts based on the book. Lastly have a conclusion, do not include new ideas here. Have your final assessment or simply give a rating of the book.


Carefully go through the text and looking for clarity and coherence. Correct any grammatical error like spelling and punctuation. Verify the quotes and make sure you indicate the theme of the story.

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