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How To Write A Good Essay Introduction

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 17:40

Why do you need to have a good introduction? An introduction gives you the chance to make the first impression to the writer and this impression should be good, as you will not get the second chance. It is also the road map for the rest of your paper. There are three key notes that you have to consider when you are writing a good introduction.


Here you need to grab the reader’s attention for them to be able to read your essay to the end. For you to get the attention you can start your essay using a proverb, a joke, a surprising fact, a question, anecdote, or simply the element of curiosity. These elements help you to hook the reader to your paper and crave for more. The attention is vital, as this will help the reader to get a context of your paper. When you have captured the attention, now you move to the second phase.


Here you need to state your main ideas clearly and avoid common phrases and an assertion that kills the interest of the reader at the introduction. Lay out your topics in a logical manner beginning from those that are a bit stronger to the ones that are the strongest. Take the reader into a trip with your arguments and plant your topic, this will take your essay to the top level. Start your topic by giving reasonable opinions that will hook the reader to the paper. Make sure you keep your topic short and sweet, as you do not want to finish your ideas in the topic.


Do thorough research about the topic to get the general and basic information and ensure you understand the topic. Jot down the most important ideas and use them to come up with your essay. Make your thesis the best and use it as a road map to your paper. Here at the thesis statement is where you draw your stand, are you in support of the topic or against it. Your stand should be clear and be supported by fact. Give your general understanding and make it be interesting for the reader to complete going through your work.


After considering those steps, it is wise that you also take into account the length of the introduction. Your introduction should not be too long and a do not incorporate all of your ideas there. Let it be the bridge of your paper.

Make the introduction as interesting as it can be, not dry, and dull. Your primary goal is to keep the reader on your paper until the end but you can only accomplish this by having an interesting introduction or otherwise the reader will not read your work.

Lastly incorporate your point of view. Have a stand and stick to that until the end. Support that with facts and opinions from your research.

After you are done writing your whole paper, make sure go through it and ensure there are no mistakes. If this is a challenge, consider our edit my essay services and we'll have you sorted.

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