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How to write a last minute research paper

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 18:05

Writes can fail to write a research paper in time for some reasons such as procrastination and busy schedules. The steps below provide an outline of how to go about last minute research paper writing.

  • Pick the topic

The writer needs to identify the topic to write about before beginning the writing itself. The topic selected should be as broad as possible to enable the writer to find enough information to fill the paper page requirement as fast as possible. Additionally, the topic should be that which a lot of other research has already done on (Bill 5-15).

  • Research

The fastest way to developing the research paper is to carry out the research then later build the research thesis. Developing the research thesis would early make the researcher not to find enough information to support the thesis hence causing delay.

  • Develop the research

After doing the researcher, the writer should have an idea of what the thesis statement should be. It is at this point that the research should try to make the thesis as specific as possible about the information content found. The thesis needs not to be controversial, super innovative or revolutionary (Bill 5-15).

  • The body

After developing the thesis, the writer needs to read through the information written. This will enable them to organize the work by making additional information or taking out the ones that do not fit. Proper paragraphing should also be done at this step.

  • Introduction and conclusion

This part of the paper requires the writer to make the topic in the context in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The first sentence should begin with the introduction of the topic. The following sentences should lead more to the thesis statement. The conclusion gives them a summary of the information written in the paper (Bill 5-15).

  • Works Cited

The works cited page can be obtained from a citation website by feeding the source information the copying it to the paper.

  • Proofreading

The writer should proofread the document to correct the various errors that might have occurred since the paper was written in a hurry.


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