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Important Parts of a Research Paper

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 18:09

  • The title

The title is the first part of the research paper. It is supposed to be specific and provide the problem which the study attempts to address using the keywords that are anticipated to be useful in future reviews (Dowd 578-580).

  • Abstract

This part enables readers to review the content of the research paper quickly. The part is supposed to offer a total synopsis of the entire research paper as well as introducing the research topic and questions. The part should also offer a statement that shows the methodology as well as a general statement about the findings and results of the research. This part is written last because it offers a summary of the whole paper (Dowd 578-580).

  • Introduction

This part brings the broad topic into the light and provides the basic background information. After briefing on the topic, it narrows to the particular research questions about the issue under study. The introduction offers the focus and purpose of the entire paper and justifies the need for the study (Dowd 578-580).

  • Literature review

The literature review provides the previous significant research and relates it to the present research problem. The section provides a synthesis of past literature and the current idea of research. The literature review examines the theories which are related to the current topic as well as their contributors. It includes relevant findings obtained from credible sources like the academic books as well as peer-review journals (Dowd 578-580).

  • Methods

This section describes the research methodology as well as design employed to complete the study. Readers are provided by enough details replicating the study (Dowd 578-580).

  • Results

This section presents the findings and results of the study. Presentation of the results depends on whether the research was qualitative or quantitative. The section focuses on results which are directly related to the study topic or problem (Dowd 578-580).

  • Discussion and Conclusion

The section provides an explanation of the results as well as their implication on the field and in other areas. The interpretation of the results in this section answers and validates the hypothesis (Dowd 578-580)

  • References or Bibliography

This part is an alphabetical list of the various academic sources used in the paper. The format of the document should match the one used in this section (Dowd 578-580).

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