Resume Writing

Prospective employers may receive thousands of resumes each day and the time for going through each is limited. Therefore, it is necessary that your resume stand out from the rest. Make sure that the information in your resume is accurate and can stand to questioning during an interview.

When it comes to resume writing, the majority are stranded as to which format to use and what type of resume to write. Well, there are different kinds of resumes and each has a unique writing style.

  1. Chronological
  2. Skill-based
  3. A combination of the two.


These type of resume list past and present experiences in reverse chronological manner. To be listed first are the present experiences using present tense verbs, and then the previous experience is listed in reverse order using past tense verbs. This is the common type of resume used.


These are resumes written based on specific skills relating to the job. This can also allow you to combine related work and other experiences. Here you can eventually show the employer how recent skills are necessary for the job.


Combined resumes consist of both skills based and chronological resumes. These include skill-based headings, but also list the experiences in each section in a chronological manner.

When writing a resume, remember to include;

  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Honors and Awards