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Students Using Cannabis Fail University Courses More Often, According to Study

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 16, 2018 17:49

According to Economic Review Studies, cannabis can have adverse effects to the human cognitive abilities. A study conducted at Maastricht University in Netherlands observed 4,000 students and found out that the group that retained access to marijuana performed worse in courses compared to those who stopped.

Reports indicate that Maastricht is rather too close to the borders and therefore experiences an influx in the number of tourists getting into the country who come to sample use weed. The close proximity of the University to the city gives the students access to use weed for recreational purposes. Realizing the circumstance, the Economic Institute did a study on the grades of the students. According to the results, students who would not reach the shops indicated a 5% extra chance of good grade performance. A higher improvement was also detected form female students who were previously underperforming.

While analyzing the results, the research team argued that some of the effects of cannabis include; poor memory co-ordination, difficulty in problem solving capabilities and generally poor academic performance. Access to weed indicated detrimental effects to students academically. While the results give a good reason for a ban on the drug, the situation appears more complicated both scientifically and politically. Compared to cannabis, alcohol is a far much worse problem on academic performance. In addition, banning of cannabis will only serve to promote the black market and more criminal activities. The only solution at this point is public awareness and training on drug abuse and its effects on academic performance.

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