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What do Straight- ‘A’ Students do right?

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 20, 2018 16:53

If we want to succeed in anything, we most probably take advice from those who are successful in that field. I mean it’s logic. Would you take weight loss advice from someone who weighs 300 pounds? I guess not. The same applies to studying, if you need want to get high grades you get advice form students getting high grades, not from those getting lesser grades than yours. With that in mind, here are some of the tricks students who get straight- A’s have:

THEY STUDY WHAT IS NECESSARY: You may have seen some straight-A nerd students having loads of books running around the school compounds. Well, the truth of the matter is, these high performing students study just as much as average students do. The main difference being smart students study what is likely to be in the exams contrary to average students who study just about everything. It is not hard to know what will be in the exams, using revision materials you can predict what topics are likely to appear in exams and major on that.

THEY ARE ORDERLY: These smart students are organized and take their studies in their own hands. With them, they know where they keep all study materials hence easy to find. Having an organized study space will result to the brain being more organized hence your study will be more structured.

THEY HAVE A PLAN: You cannot just wake up one day and flip over a few pages and call it a day. Smart students have a plan and a timetable and stick by it. These students have a plan of what to do each day for the rest of the semester. Having a plan will not only make your study but it will also help you major on the difficult areas that are key to your success.

THEY DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. These A-students repeat what they do over and over again. Students who are successful academically have developed a system that gives them these incredible results. It will be insane for them to abandon that. So they use the formulae over again.

Being successful academically can be challenging but with consistent practice and studying, you can achieve the desired grades.

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