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Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on June 20, 2018 17:31

Writing and getting an audience can be very hard but at the same time very easy depending on how you present your work. A quite number of writers develop great pieces of literature work but fail to attain their purpose all just because of simple yet crucial mistakes they make.


Not a lot of people take into consideration these kinds of errors, as they are easy to fix. Well, yes they are but the impact they will have on you when not fixed is not measurable. A written piece of work whether great or well done will turn out to be unprofessional as long as it contains grammatical errors.


This is a common mistake that especially from beginner writers. Writing long sentences and using ornate phrases could ruin your credibility. Remember not everyone’s educational background is equal to your hence use simple sentences and language that can be understood easily. This will not only engage your readers but may result into a couple of shares.


Before you embark on writing any piece of work, you need to extensively do research on the topic and obtain facts. Some of the factors that constitute a great writing are facts. To captivate your audience, you need to actual proof that what you speak of is real but not fiction. By doing this, you build a very strong trust between you and your audience.


As a good writer, you need to make a very good impression to your audience and capture their attention. Cling to the attention and keep your readers engaged. Keep your ideas alive in the readers mind by leaving a very good impression and the thirst to want to know more.


Having a good conclusion will not only drawback audience but will also dictate how well a writer you are. Increase your credibility and let your work stick into the minds of your audience. Pulling all these at once may seem impossible but with continuous practice you will be better off and observe a scale on the increase in terms of audience visibility.

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